Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about G²? We have answers!

What are the tokenomics?

  • 10 billion total supply
  • 20% to 777 lottery wallet // 35% to Presale // 35% to starting LP
  • 2% Reflections // 2% To Staking Pool // 6% to 777 lottery wallet
  • *Sell orders have an additional speedbrake take of up to 20% during the first 20 days.

Here is a handy chart to see how the flow of tokens works.

What is Diamond Hold?

Diamond Hold is the term we’re using for our lottery ticket system. With G², holders can have multiple entries with just one wallet. But in order to prevent handing whales an unfair advantage simply for holding more tokens, the G² tokens used for Diamond Hold Lottery entries will be TRADED IN for a Diamond Hold Lottery Ticket and sent to the 777x wallet. When you choose to use some of your G² tokens for a Diamond Hold Lottery Ticket, your lottery entry is PERMANENTLY TIED TO THAT WALLET, and you no longer have access to the tokens used to buy that entry. In other words, you are TRADING IN your G² tokens for a PERMANENT lottery ticket.

You are trading away the benefits of holding the G² token (price appreciation, reflections, and the ability to use them on the casino games) in exchange for more entries into the lottery. What’s more important to you? More entries in the lottery? Reflections from the staking pool?  Or the ability to win prizes in the arcade games and sell your tokens later on for other tokens/assets? YOU decide. (Any tokens in your wallet that were NOT used to buy a Diamond Hold Lottery entry are yours to do whatever you want with.)

Your Diamond Hold Lottery Tickets will be represented in your wallet by a separate Diamond Hold Lottery token (NOT G²) that will be sent to your wallet when you buy a ticket. This will let you see at a glance how many tickets you hold.

How much is a Diamond Hold Lottery Ticket?

The initial price for a permanent Diamond Hold Lottery Ticket will be 25,600 G² but this will be constantly changing. Also, as the price of G² changes, we can adjust this number up or down. We plan to peg the price of a ticket to approximately 0.05 BNB. We will adjust this a maximum of once per day as needed. The current ticket price will be posted on the website.

Where/how can I purchase?

Pancake Swap and Bogged Finance are our preferred swap locations. ApeSwap will be added in the future.

What are the Diamond Hold Lottery payouts?

  • Every 4 hours: 850,000 G²
  • Every day: 5,000,000 G²
  • Every week: 30,000,000 G² Jackpot

*Total weekly payout is roughly 1% total supply

Can I increase my odds for the Diamond Hold Lottery drawings?

Yes. However there is a trade off! Read more about Diamond Hold to see how this works.

How are winners selected?

A hash of block difficulty, block time, and the current number of holders is taken. This is then used to pick a number between 1 and the max number of ticket holders. This number is then added to the pointer. If the pointer goes above the total number of tickets it loops back to the beginning. The pointer is moved is every transaction. Once a winner is needed the current pointer address is returned as the winner.

How are the Diamond Hold Lotteries funded? Can it run out?

  • The Diamond Hold Lottery prizes are sent out by the contract from the 777x wallet, which is filled from the sources listed below…
    • Presale (2,000,000,000 G² tokens)
    • Buy/Sell tax (6% of every buy/sell)
    • SpeedBrake SELL Tax (0%-20% of every sell transaction)
  • ***G² Team Members do NOT have access to this wallet***

How does SpeedBrake work?

BuyBack functions in contracts have been all the rage lately. But so far, nobody has really been able to design one that works. SpeedBrake is our attempt to prevent bots and paperhands from ruining our launch! It is a sliding sell tax, beginning at 20% on launch day, and decreasing by 1% each day until it’s gone. This will be IN ADDITION TO the regular 10% buy/sell tax, but again, SpeedBrake is ONLY applied to sells.

Where does that tax go? The SpeedBrake Sell Tax is sent to the 777x wallet to fund Diamond Hold Lottery prizes!

How are transactions taxed?

  • Every buy/sell has a 10% transaction tax.
    • 6% goes to fund the 777x wallet, which is where the Diamond Hold Lottery prizes are paid from
    • 2% goes to G² reflections to all G² holders
    • 2% goes to the staking pool
  • During the first 20 days after launch, the SpeedBrake sell tax will be ADDED to any sells (more details can be found about SpeedBrake under the “How Does SpeedBrake Work” question).

Is the contract audited?

Not yet! We are working on finalizing the auditor and will disclose that information when we have it.

What are your marketing plans?

  • SweepWidget competition with social media requirements to spread the word
  • Crypto voting sites
  • Banner ads across multiple high traffic sites
  • AMAs with different crypto project promotion groups (to be announced)
  • Promoted articles
  • Medium articles providing a project overview, and ultimately much more detailed descriptions of the lottery, games and staking pools

Is liquidity locked?

Yes! We will lock our liquidity for 90 days initially (both the BNB portion and the G² portion). After the initial 90 day lock, we will migrate part of the liquidity to a separate platform, and relock both. This is a security measure in the event a DEX is compromised, or decides to update to a new version before our liquidity unlocks. We don’t want all of our liquidity locked on an older version of an exchange! Pancakeswap really burned some projects when they upgraded from V1 to V2.

We will also be placing a temporary lock on the Initial Development and Marketing wallet. This will be a progressive unlock so we can have access to the funds for additional marketing and development as the project grows.

Is the team doxxed?

Yes! Mostly, anyway. We understand that we are asking for a TON of money for our launch, and we want you to be as comfortable with us as possible. Our team, including the Founding Developer, Community and Project Manager, Sales Manager/Strategic Advisor, and several other core members have all partially doxxed themselves so you can be assured of our good intentions. You can meet them on our team page! Full names won’t be released at this time for our own security.

Various members of the team have also been involved with other BSC token launches including Grouper (G1).

Do you have a white paper?

We have broken down the white paper into sections to make it easier to digest. You can check out the WP here.

What is the TG Games Partnership Program?

  • Our Telegram Gaming Bots can be added to ANY Telegram group. This will allow us to enter into partnerships with other projects who would like to use our games to boost their own Telegram community engagement. 
  • What about the profits for these games?
    • Just like in our own Telegram Gaming Room, 90% of the tokens paid to the games go right back to the players in the way of game prizes. 
    • The remaining 10% will be split 50/50 between the partner project and G² (our portion will be sent to grow our staking pool).

When will you be listed on Coin Market Cap/CoinGecko?

We will apply for CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko listings as soon as we have the daily volume and holders required to be listed. We will announce this on our socials.

Why is the presale so big?

G² has BIG plans. Not only are we planning to launch a lottery, and TG-based games, we’re planning to implement a staking component into the project to be able to reward all G² holders with G² rewards (see our FAQ about staking below). Other projects have tried to implement staking rewards and failed as they were a single income stream for the token and couldn’t generate enough yield to meet holders’ expectations for distributions.

G² is different. We use the staking pool as a mechanism to fund the lotteries, and provide distributions. Income from the lottery and games then in return grows the staking pool, increasing the available funds significantly. This allows us to retain some yield to compound and ultimately provide long term gains that holders expect.  Having a correctly sized fund at IDO is essential to reach economic efficiency and balance the tokenomics across the G² ecosystem.

Will you renounce the contract?

Absolutely not. Renouncing a contract is a gimmicky way for teams to reassure their community that they are trustworthy. When a developer/team renounces a contract, they can no longer make necessary (and sometimes critical!) changes to the contract if errors or exploits are discovered. We will retain ownership so G² can grow and improve over time.

Are the funds I deposit into the casino SAFU?

Yes, they are protected in a separate wallet just for arcade operations. A percentage of the arcade tokens are also held in cold storage that would require manual intervention to move over to the main arcade wallet. While we believe in the safety and security of our games we recommend only keeping what you are willing to play with on the platform. The safest place to store tokens is in your personal wallet. Only deposit tokens that you are willing to play games with. We are also maintaining a safety fund in the developer wallet to hedge against theft or attacks as well.

Why does it take so long for my deposit to show up in the casino?

The block chain is immensely complex and there is a balance between security and speediness. We are utilizing our own BSC node along with third party node providers. Only once a transaction is confirmed on multiple node providers will an arcade account be credited. We are looking at adding a “current deposit” time counter in the arcade bot to make this time difference clear upfront. Our goal is a 10 minute maximum for deposits to the arcade.

Where do the funds from the games go?

  • 90% of the tokens put into the games go right back to the players as prizes.
  • For games we host in our own Telegram, the remaining 10% goes into the staking pool.
  • For games hosted in partner Telegram channels, 5% goes to the partner, and 5% goes to our staking pool (check out the Project Flow Map for the details).

Tell me about the project wallets.

We have four wallets:

Who has access to the project wallets?

Alex, Joe and Thorpey have access to the wallets. Check them out on our team page.

Tell me about the staking pools.

The staking pool is a central account that funds other parts of the ecosystem and receives profit from other activities. It is designed to balance income across other income streams and retain profit for long term gains. This pool is expected to grow significantly and by staking into higher quality projects we aim to generate yields of around 100% APY consistently over time.  This may not sound much but over 5 years compounded this is a 32,000% gain.  Assuming other projects including games, lotteries and other concepts on the road map also double the size of the staking pool each year the pool is then capable of generating a return of 243,000% or 243x over 5 years.  This is without taking excessive risks, selecting tokens that can scale in size and doesn’t incorporate growth in the underlying tokens.

*Disclaimer: Do your own research on these calculations. Assumptions made include yields remaining constant on BSC for 5 years and games providing an equal revenue to yields from the staking pool, neither of which are guaranteed.

Still not finding what you are looking for? Check out our contact page to reach out to someone who can answer your question.