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Medium - The Diamond Hold Lottery

This article lays out the growth of G² over time and the phases it will go through.


Medium - G² Crypto Gaming Growth Phases

A great breakdown on Medium about how the Diamond Hold Lottery works.


Crypto Hunters Elite Ask Me Anything

Alex answered the hard questions about G² with Crypto Hunters Elite.


Shampoo Lounge Ask Me Anything

Alex spoke with the crew at Shampoo Lounge about all things G².

PeachFolio Ask Me Anything

Lead developer and founder Alex did a great job during the AMA with Peachfolio!


Youtube - Crypto Wave Overview

Youtube creator Crypto Wave does a deep dive into G²!

2021-09-19 - G² Crypto Gaming (G2)

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G² Crypto Gaming Banner G² Crypto Gaming (G2)

Give us a shout on CoinSniper to help spread the word about G².

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Medium - G² Crypto Gaming Overview

A great primer for learning about the G² project!

G² Growth Chart