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Community & Grouper Lottery Rebrand

The community will be based off the existing Grouper Lottery community which currently has over 1,600 engaged players.

We understand the importance of social components in gaming. Our goal is to foster a sense of community where users can come together to share ideas about gaming, crypto, or whatever else they want to discuss while playing games.

Developers will have direct access to engage with these social channels to provide services, support, and even community engagement events such as promotional campaigns, gifts, or giveaways.

Social Media Rebrand

G² is about upgrading the Grouper Lottery project, all existing social media sites (Twitter and Telegram), as well as all user databases will be rebranded to G² Crypto Gaming. All users of social networks, as well as Grouper token holders will be informed in advance about the reasons for the name change and future project plans.

G² Tokens and Lottery Tickets Airdrop

After the launch of the G² platform, all Grouper token holders, who were previously qualified for airdrop, will receive G² tokens in a 1:1 ratio, which makes up 10% of the total G² Total Supply.

Also, Grouper holders who opt for the G² airdrop will receive free Diamond Hold Lifetime Lottery Tickets if they qualify for a ticket.

Grouper Holders Rewarding

Understandably, there will be concerns from part of Grouper Holder about how this token aidrop and the overall transition from Grouper Lottery to the G² Crypto Gaming platform will affect their investment. Rest assured that there is no need for your concern since:

  • Instant token value increase after launch: Given that the airdrop is done in a 1:1 ratio and given that the G² Market Cap will be much larger during the launch, Grouper Token holders will be well rewarded for their trust.

  • Large number of loyal Grouper hodlers: Since the price of the Grouper Lottery token has never gone below the Presale price and at the time of writing this White Paper v1.0 is close to ATH, and since the community is very active, there is no reason to doubt that such an attitude towards the project will continue with the G² token.

  • Expanding the offer of games: G² Crypto Gaming will have a far greater number of games than the Grouper Lottery platform, both its own and through Partner Gaming Services, so the revenue will be higher.

  • Massive user acquistition: New investments during the G² rebrand will provide the platform with the resources needed for greater development. Marketing campaigns will also expand to millions of users, which will increase the daily prize pool and ultimately help the success of the G² token.

  • Prestigious partners, advisors, and investors: Rebrand G² will be an opportunity for new stakeholders to enter the ecosystem. They will provide G² with new opportunities for partnerships, customer acquisition, technology integration and more.

  • Incentives for holders: The exceptional token economy, along with the planned introduction of a community voting system, partnership referral programs, and other interesting things will make the token even more attractive to hold.

  • Innovative Telegram bot & games: Users of the G² platform will be able to play games directly in Telegram, through a very simple interaction with the bot, which so far no one has done before us.

  • Staking Pool financial support: We were the first in the world to offer automatic reflections directly from Staking Pool, through the Staking Pool Rewards distribution, which will bring great and long-term financial benefits to hodlers.

Given these considerations, it is unlikely that Grouper Lottery token owners will lose value when replacing their tokens with a G² token, either in the short or long term. As the G² Crypto Gaming platform grows, we hope that the original owners of Grouper Lottery will continue to hold the G² token and become active players in new games and ecosystem partnerships.