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Token Distribution

DistributionShare# of TokensLock period
777x wallet17.5%1,750,000,000Permanent lock
Grouper Lottery holders & Development*10%1,000,000,000 
Liquidity pool (G2 part)35%3,500,000,00090 days lock
Private Presale 2.5%250,000,000
Public Presale35%3,500,000,000
Liquidity pool (BNB part), 70%(24%)(2,400,000,000)90 days lock
Staking Pool**, 25%(9%)(900,000,000) 
Initial Development & Marketing, 5%(2%)(200,000,000)50% locked – 10% unlocked every month (of 100M)
Total 10,000,000,000 

* Grouper Lottery token holders will be airdropped with G2 tokens at 1:1 ratio

** CAKE tokens will be purchased for staking and sent into the CAKE Syrup Pool on the PancakeSwap platform