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Diamond Hold Lifetime Lottery

An improved version of the proven and very successful Grouper Lottery token, conceived and developed by the same team that is working on this project. Diamond Hold Lifetime Lottery Ticket holders will be able to receive prizes in the form of G² tokens, if won in any of the lottery draws, automatically to their wallets.

Lottery Draws

The lottery draw will be held automatically, through the smart contract, 50 times a week, at the following pace:

  • 1x weekly (Jackpot),
  • 7x daily,
  • 42x every four hours.

In order for the user to participate in all of the above lottery draws for life, it is necessary to have one or more Lifetime Lottery Tickets within their wallet.

All prizes are paid out in G2 tokens.

Lottery Jackpots

In addition to hourly and daily prizes, Lifetime Lottery Ticket holders will every week have the opportunity to win the Lottery Jackpot.

The Jackpot is paid out in G2 tokens, in a much larger amount than regular lottery prizes.

Lottery Tickets

They allow participation in Lifetime Lottery Draws and can be easily purchased via the Telegram bot. Once purchased it can no longer be sold and remains in the buyer’s wallet for life.

It is possible to have multiple Lifetime tickets in a single wallet, which increases the chances of winning in each lottery draw.

With each purchase of the Lifetime Lottery Ticket, the amount of G2 tokens corresponding to the ticket price is recycled by sending to the 777x wallet and the buyer no longer has access to these G2 tokens, in exchange for a Diamond Hold Lifetime Lottery ticket.

Also, with each Ticket purchase, G2 Ticket Tokens are sent to the user’s decentralized wallets, to have a purchase record. These tokens cannot be transferred to other wallets.

777x Wallet

A place where G2 tokens will be stored, for the purpose of paying out all prizes to the winners of the Lifetime Lottery.

This wallet is permanently locked by contract, with a built-in feature that will automatically through contract pay out G2 prizes from 777x wallets to winner wallets.