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Liquidity Pool

A very important item in the ecosystem, which allows investors to buy or sell G² tokens quickly, safely and at any time, as well as in any quantity. Also a double-edged sword in terms of locks that many projects and investors have encountered in the past.

In Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Liquidity Pools are pools of tokens that are locked into a smart contract, which will be G² and BNB in our case after project launch, and that facilitate efficient asset trading. Also, liquidity pool is nothing more than an automated market maker that provides liquidity to avoid large price swings for an asset.

Liquidity Providers

Prior to the launch of the G² token, initial liquidity will be established on the PancakeSwap v2 platform, the most popular automated market maker DEX on the Binance Smart Chain which, since its launch in 2020, has no major complaints about the operation of the platform.

PancakeSwap has undergone an extensive audit of its business and operations by the cyber security firm CertiK and has been found to be secure. PancakeSwap has also integrated CertiK into its platform to offer the following levels of security: Security Oracle, CertiK Shield, DeepSEA and The CertiK Virtual Machine.

In order to reduce the impact of the PancakeSwap platform on the G² project, in the future it is planned to distribute liquidity to more decentralized exchanges that meet the liquidity security requirements.

Initial Liquidity Lock Period

The last year we have witnessed the unpopular migration of PancakeSwap v1 to v2, with many projects trapped in the old version because they could not transfer liquidity to the new version, due to too long liquidity lock period, which left an extremely negative impact on many high-potential projects, to the extent that many have ceased to function.

In order to minimize the above scenario, after the G² launch, the G² / BNB Liquidity pool will be locked for a period of 90 days from the launch date, which is a sufficient period for investors, who like and who believe in this unique concept, to gain confidence in the project.

Liquidity Re-Locking

After the expiration of the initial locking time, a market analysis and risk assessment will be performed and therefore, in cooperation with community, decisions will be made on the timeframe for liquidity re-locking, in what quantity, and on which platforms. The priority will be to distribute the liquidity to two or more decentralized exchanges, to ensure that investors can buy and sell the G² token at any time, in the unlikely event of a compromise or the collapse of the PancakeSwap platform.