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The G² Launch

In order to launch the G2 Crypto Gaming platform, in a safe and high-quality way, the entire process will gradually take place in 3 phases. As it is an improvement of the Grouper Lottery platform, all pre-launch works will be financed from the Grouper development fund.

Phase 1 – Project Development

  • Defining and providing a fund for initial development
  • Forming a core team
  • Prelaunch licensing Partnerships
  • Smart Contract development
  • Creating a G2 Gaming Bot
  • Creating Lottery and Arcade games
  • Creating White Paper v1.0
  • Website 1.0 Design
  • Stress testing and bug fixes
  • Solidity Finance project Audit
  • Finishing works and launch of the G2 Crypto Gaming platform

Phase 2 – Pre-Launch Marketing Campaign

  • Grouper Lottery Social Media Rebranding
  • G2 marketing through own and partner social networks
  • Engaging crypto influencers
  • Marketing through crypto articles
  • AMA sessions

Phase 3 – G² Presale and Launch

  • Private Presale will be held in late October, 2021
  • Public Presale will be held on November 2, 2021
  • We will launch the G2 publicly on PancakeSwap v2 after the completion of the presale, if the Presale Soft Cap is met, or earlier if the Presale Hard Cap is met
  • After launch, all Grouper token holders, who were previously qualified for airdrop, will be airdropped with G2 tokens in a 1:1 ratio